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It dosen't come together very well, in my opinion.

It's been a while since I've watched one of these, and although I liked them three years ago or whatever, they seemed better than this...maybe my opinion has just changed, who knows.

But anyway, the animation is still great. And there are parts that are good-particularly the fight scene, which focused on the animation, worked very well. And I kinda snickered at the final line of "Fuck". But the overall product is way too uneven. The House thing was a sad attempt to imitate Family Guy-type humor and it doesn't fit the series because that sort of humor isn't incorporated in any other point of the movie, or the series out of what I recall.

Also there is no tone in the video to speak of. It's basically "Let's crack as many stupid jokes that we can at select parts of Ocarina of Time," which would be fine if it was a short skit or something, but as a series it can get irritating. Take something like the Austin Powers movies, for a random example. They are indeed parodies of The James Bond films, but Austin is his own character. We know who that guy is and, although he and everyone else in that movie is a lampoon of something, it works because the charcaters are established and all the scenes are not just spins on other movies. In this, it is just scene after scene after scene of just random points of the game, and it fails because none of the people have any sort of motivation. Now I know this is just a flash, not a movie, but it has the potential to be so much more than it ends up being.

In conclusion, this series seems like it could have more to it than the writing seems to give it credit for. This attempt, although not a complete abysmal failure, needs some major tweeking. Then again this seems pretty popular and I guess you can't please them all. Good luck in the future.

I could watch this 1000 times

and it would never ever get old.

One of, if not thee, best series on Newgrounds.

I mean, seriously, it's so compelling, so well animated, so atmospheric, and ingenious. It's like if James Cameron could write. :P

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Before I start this review I have to say WHY THE HELL DID YOU RELEASE THE GAME IF IT WASN'T FINISHED?! Seriously, I would have played this for hours and hours but I completed everything that was already available to complete! Now I know you're updating it and everything, and that would be fine if it was just extra content (like the different modes and such), but the game itself should be done beofre you release it! You're not the first to do this, but it just bugs me whenever I see it.

As for the game, it's great. I saw Pokemon Tower Defense and thought to myself "Ugh, this is just gonna be some generic tower defence game with Pokemon characters slapped onto it for no reason other than to grab people's attentions." But you actually retained the Pokemon atmosphere. So good job in doing that!

Also, this is one of the more unique tower defense games that I've played. I mean, it's no Plants vs. Zombies or anything, but at least it was a little less basic than fight guys off, if they pass you, you lose life, ect. And you also get the ability to move stuff around after you place it, which REALLY helps. Had you not been able to do that, the whole game would have fucked up because of it, but you made the right choice.

One thing that I would suggest is having a stadium mode or something where you just fight a lot of enimes without consequence, just because there`s a bit of grinding involved. The only level sort of like that is Route 3, but hell, that`s currently the last level on the game! (Not to mention that`s kind a weird place to end instead of a gym but I digress) Just an idea.

Keep up the good work, look forward to finishing it!


I remember seeing this on Youtube a long time ago played by NercoVMX. It didn't seem very good then, but playing it now I see it wasn't NEARLY as cryptic as I thought it was going to be!

Here were rthe things I liked:
The music is really, really good, among the best I've seen in a flash game in the past few years. The graphics are really cool; they're kind of reminiscent of old Gameboy games and I like that, seeing how people don't put much thought or style into graphics for a lot of flash games. It is really challenging, which is good in this case, because it wasn't an unfair challenge. Needless to say I was undoubtedly frustrated at times by those damn laws, but with patience I was able to get through. I especially like the level where your on the fans and the butterflies are circling above the fan. That took a lot of skill to get through. Also, the level designer was a pretty cool addition.

That's not to say I thought the game was PERFECT however. First off, it's too short, (in my opinion) even for a flash game. I thought it should have at least been about ten levels longer. I think this especially after the book shattered and there were no rules:I would have liked to see more levels that were pure platforming like the last one. Also the ending is REALLY anticlimactic. Sure, boss battles aren't essential in a game, but I still think that being deprived of them is a disappointment. Also, some of the deaths ARE cheap and unfair, particularly the ones with the spikes that just pop out of the ground. Just for the record, I LOATHE beginners traps/trial and error deaths like that. They aren't challenging so much as they are blunt and stupid gimmicks slapped onto a game to make them seem harder. Although to be fair, it's not as bad as some other games I've played, because at least with this you can survive if your reaction time is quick enough. Lastly, I wish that you could duck. This doesn't bother me in some games (like Megaman for example), but this is different because the character is so tall and it makes it feel a little stiff at times. Although ducking would make some of the moving levels too easy, you could just put the blocks lower.

But yeah, I don't really want to badmouth this game, because I do like it. Good job, not prefect, but keep it up!

I didn't like it.

Well,Smash Bros. is unquestionably a hard standard to live up to,but the control on this game was slippery,there was little to no attacks,and easy shouldn't mean impossible to lose.

It seems that you DID try,and it's not terrible,but the control needs to be less slippy and the attacks need to have more varitey.You can't even do an high jump attack.I say,next time put more effort into the GAME,not the menu screens.

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This is one of the best loops I've ever heard,if not,thee best!Good job.


It kicked ass!All I have to say.

S'all good, man.

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